Bus Cần Thơ Đi Campuchia

How To Travel From Can Tho to Cambodia.
Đăng ngày 25-01-2018 10:53:05 AM
Despite my best efforts to find out the best and quickest route to travel from Can Tho, Vietnam to Kep, Cambodia, I could not find any definite answers. I thought, therefore, that I’d share my experience for other travellers who are taking the trip from Can Tho to Kep. I took two buses and one moto taxi to do the trip, which took a total of eight hours. Contrary to what I thought before I set off, it was a smooth journey, with easy connections along the way. Here’s how to get from Can Tho to Kep in one day.

Transfer Can Tho to Ha Tien - Chau Doc - Phu Quoc - Kep - Kampot - Sihanouk ville - Phnompenh..
Đăng ngày 11-01-2018 09:53:28 AM
How to get from Can Thơ to Ha Tien - Chau Doc - Phu Quoc, Kep beach - Kampot - Phnompenh - Sihanouk ville - Siem Riep ...... You travel from Can Tho City and looking for a safe, reliable and comfortable private taxi transfer?

Xe Bus Từ Cần Thơ Đi Phnompenh Campuchia.
Đăng ngày 30-09-2016 04:31:53 PM
Cần Thơ ngày 17/1, công ty sẽ mở thêm tuyến xe bus quốc tế từ Cần Thơ đi Campuchia qua hai cửa khẩu Tịnh Biên (An Giang) và PhnomPenh về Châu Đốc - Cần Thơ khứ hồi hằng ngày.

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